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    If you think your website does not need management and can remain as it is for ever, welcome to the crowd.

    Yes, that is where it will remain. One of the faceless websites in the sea of mediocre, unmanaged, uncared-for, orphaned websites in the crowd. Then it is good to know there are consultants that can take you from your question to a successful result without wasting time and money.

    Potential customers will find little reason to do business with you. They will wonder what it is that distinguishes you from your competition. The will pass by the opportunity to experience, use or own whatever you offer. And it will all happen because you neglect your website and show little enthusiasm for your own business.

    The aim of a website is to give potential customers all the information about your business so they can make an informed decision about who they want to do business with. It is your online shop front - your Internet face.

    Your website is the hub of you business' online presence. All other platforms should be aimed at sending potential customers to your website. Your website is your most important online asset, because it is the only one which you control.

    All social media platforms are controlled by the owners. You only control the content of your profile, as long as the platform and profile accommodate you.

    To compete on the Internet, you need fresh website content. It means that you must continually create content - articles, images, videos, podcasts - to keep your potential clients informed and interested.

    I specialize in writing articles but I also provide services needed as part of your website management.

    It includes:

    What I do:

    Send me your website address and I will send you a FREE short report of my general observations about your website, and your online presence. I may even include an idea or two which you may consider exploring!


    Rates per page or per project.

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