The Time-saving Social Media Course


A step-by step guide to help small business owners make their businesses more visible on the Internet.

3. LESSON 1: Why do you have a business?
4. LESSON 2: Your brand is not your logo
5. LESSON 3: The difference between marketing and sales
6. LESSON 4: Why do you need marketing?
7. LESSON 5: How to use social media effectively
8. LESSON 6: How to use social media to promote your business
9. LESSON 7: Let’s put it all together
◦ My social media assets
◦ My website
◦ My social media strategy
◦ My social media calendar
10. LESSON 8: Social Media platforms and content
◦ I choose my social media platforms
◦ I create my first content
11. LESSON 9: Social media management tools

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The size of your following doesn’t matter, the quality does.

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