How to increase traffic to your website

Social Media is pull-marketing

You’re a small business owner.

You started your business because you had experience in a specific industry. Or you started it because you stumbled on the idea or the opportunity, or you were looking for, but couldn’t find, a job.

If you didn’t start your business because it was something you love doing, you probably learned to enjoy it.

Most people sort of “drifted” into whatever they are doing for a living. One responsibility, which is probably not the reason they started the business, is to manage.

As a small business owner, “management” probably means doing everything. You are the bookkeeper, bill payer, rep and janitor. Somewhere in-between everything you must be the marketing officer and, find time to do what you started the company for.

One day you realise that you have a business website, but that it does not make your life easier. It is not the effective silent salesperson the web designer promised you. So, you promise yourself that you will find time to do something about it. You can’t “cancel the website” because everyone has a website.

When you eventually find the time to Google it or ask your IT guy – because you don’t realise that IT people are machine people, not design or SEO people – you hear the phrase “search engine optimisation” or SEO.

You ask a web designer and is told that it has to do with using the right keywords so people will find your website on Google. Your web designer changes the website text to include your keyword on all pages and you wait for the orders to start flooding in.

Complete silence.

One day you look at the books and start panicking.

You post your website address on Facebook and every other platform you can think of. You send emails to your contact list and ask them to visit your website. You hear about Facebook Messenger or SMS marketing and spam everyone you can find.

Nothing happens.

Eventually, your business runs in the red and you find an SEO consultant to do your search engine optimisation.

It is too late because SEO takes time to show results. You close your business.

You could have evaded all this trauma if you had acted in time.

SEO starts with the design or redesign of your website.

SEO is not part of how beautiful your site appears.

SEO is part of the technical design and content of your website. It has little to do with what you like, and everything to do with how people search for a solution to a need they have.

With your next endeavour – you will try again because you are an entrepreneur – make sure you understand what SEO is about. It will enable you to defend yourself against “consultants” and web designers who do SEO because it looks easy.

You don’t have to be an SEO (a person who does search engine optimisation), but you need to understand what it is about, just as you must understand other rules of business to be successful.

What you must know about SEO
  • what SEO is
  • how search impacts on SEO
  • SEO terms

Next time we’ll discuss what SEO is, and the different types of searches people do.

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