Social media coaching and mentoring

Many small business owners have embedded their social media management into their daily activities, but they often need help to refine their social media marketing skills. For that purpose we provide coaching and mentoring.

Coaching is needed where the entrepreneur, or in some cases an employee, needs help with a specific temporary obstacle which he does not have the time or skills to deal with immediately.

We don’t solve problems, we coach the business owner to enable them to get the obstacle out of the way and proceed with running the business and the marketing process.

Obstacles that sometimes pose a problem for business owners who run their own social media marketing campaigns include:

  • an unexpected fall in position on Google search engine result pages (SERPS);
  • negative reviews on Google or other platforms;
  • optimization of individual images for purposes of search visibility;
  • search engine optimization of new and old content;
  • changes in Google algorithms, which may have an effect on the website’s ranking;
  • deviation from the approach of adding value before promoting;
  • needs help with time management.

Coaching is task oriented and performance driven which makes it a good choice for small business owners.

Mentoring is relationship oriented and development driven. It is a process where the business owner needs help over a longer period. Mentoring are often needed in cases where the business owner or responsible employee needs to

  • learn to apply previous training;
  • needs to research, formulate and apply a new approach to their marketing;
  • needs to develop existing skills to a higher level for the purpose of future development.

Because mentoring are more personal and career focused, it is not often used in small businesses.

Social media consulting

As a small business owner, times arise when you need to obtain information and advice about your social media marketing, but you just don’t have the time to do all the study necessary to arrive at a solution.

Then it is good to know there are consultants that can take you from your question to a successful result without wasting time and money.

Difficulties experienced by small business owners where our consulting service may benefit you, include:

  • Why does my social media program seems not to have the desired results?
  • Which social media platforms and tools should I use?
  • Is my website optimally designed to utilize the traffic I get from my social media platforms?
  • Is my content right for the market I wish to reach?
  • What could I do to get more benefits from my social media program or specific campaign?
  • I need a “devil’s advocate” to help me question my business and reveal weaknesses in my social media and off-line marketing.
  • I need research done on my competition’s social media strategy.
  • I need an “experience evaluation” of my small business.
  • I need to create a network around my business to help me generate new business.

Rates per hour or per project.