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    Many small business owners have embedded their social media management into their daily activities, but they often need help to refine their social media marketing skills. For that purpose we provide coaching and mentoring.

    Coaching is needed where the entrepreneur, or in some cases an employee, needs help with a specific temporary obstacle which he does not have the time or skills to deal with immediately.

    We don't solve problems, we coach the business owner to enable them to get the obstacle out of the way and proceed with running the business and the marketing process.

    Obstacles that sometimes pose a problem for business owners who run their own social media marketing campaigns include:

    Coaching is task oriented and performance driven which makes it a good choice for small business owners.

    Mentoring is relationship oriented and development driven. It is a process where the business owner needs help over a longer period. Mentoring are often needed in cases where the business owner or responsible employee needs to

    Because mentoring are more personal and career focused, it is not often used in small businesses.

    Our rates are quoted per hour or per project.

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