Adri Neuper

Adri Neuper, Pot Specialist

Adri Neuper

Adri Neuper works from her home office/showroom in Randburg.

She offers a consulting and supply service with the focus being on greening your space using pots.

Adri started The Pot Place 20 years ago and is an expert in the sourcing and use of pots from (mainly) local suppliers.

One of the obstacles she experienced as an entrepreneur was that, after running a retail store with a wide range of stock on hand, working from her garden boutique with a more focused approach and a narrower stock range, has proven to be more difficult than she anticipated. “Clients still want to touch and feel the product” she says.

The Pot Place’s brand was recently aquired by Adri’s “In Eeden”. In Eeden is surrounded by ‘pot shops’ in the same area which ensures tough competition for this one-woman business.

Adri identified a market for large containers, for commercial use. To this end she is always looking to partner with architects and design professionals. In 2018 she completed a range of projects for private homes as well as public areas, working alongside a number of design professionals.

Interested in working with Adri? Visit her website

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